A Christmas On Call

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A Christmas On Call                                                                                                       

By Gary McCreadie

Tis the holiday season, great time of year

Except I'm on call, can't have eggnog and rum or even a beer

Turkey is in the oven with home made stuffing

Too bad I'm on a roof with a fucking flame snuffing

Owner rings up with a string of new calls 

While the laughter of children echos through his halls

Arrive to the customer, their home is warm and cozy

"Oh did I forget to cancel?"...You sure fucking did homie...Then asshole asks if he still owes me

I love Christmas and being on call

As much as I love razor nicks while shaving my balls

Six o clock, calls are all done

Maybe I'll make it back home to join in on some fun

Pull up to the drive, time to get tipsy

Till my neighbour runs over..."my heats not working, are you busy?"

Fuck you neighbour, fuck you boss

Eat my shit Santa and fuck you Jack Frost

Wait, what's this...a note on the door


Thank you dad for working hard, you are the best

You take care of us all year and do it better than the rest

We kept a plate warm, it's in the oven...we know how much you love mom's home made stuffing

There are gifts for you still under tree with your favourite slippers to help warm up your feet.  

We love you Dad, hugs and kisses

You're always at the top of our Christmas wish list

Anger slowly diminishes....I just remembered why I still love Christmas


Merry Christmas to all my hard working techs out there.  You deserve recognition for all you do.  A toast to you and your family...Happy HVACing!

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Gary McCreadie